Friday, April 7, 2017

Preventing Goss's Wilt in corn

Goss's Wilt is a vascular disease that affects over 80 percent of the corn crop in the Northern Hemisphere. It is caused by the organism Clavibacter Michigenensis Nebraskensis and is respondible for billions of dollars in lost yield as well as disastrous reductions in crop quality and nutrient.

Goss's Wilt is the single most expensive disease affecting the US corn crop (and throughout the world), and we can fix that.

According to the experts, the Clavibacter organism has always been present, but it is so weak that it rarely was able to express itself. As I read multiple articles on how to treat it and prevent it, they all said the number one measure was to plant a resistant variety for your area.

Unfortunately, most people are planting GMO Round-Up Ready corn or other GMO varieties. All the GMO varieties are built on non-resistant varieties, so they are all susceptible to Goss's Wilt. When you combine the susceptible variety with the poor soil and plant nutrition of modern chemical farming methods, you have the perfect environment for Goss's Wilt to thrive!

Bio Minerals Technologies has been working with our friends and scientists to solve this very expensive problem in the corn industry. After several years of testing, we can confidently announce that we have a solution that is simple, and that works. Our new product is called Bio-Empruv. Apply it once during early growth (around V6), and your corn fields will stay green all the way through harvest. No more early death with small, unfilled ears. Use Bio-Empruv and have full ears with much higher nutritional content and far better quality.

You can read about our Bio-Empruv successes and our high-yield corn program on our web site.

You can also watch our Goss's Wilt webinar to learn more about the disease, its causes, and how to deal with it.