Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Feast - Lots of Flavor, Little Nutrition

As we prepare to gather with our families for our traditional Thanksgiving Feasts, we are thankful for the abundance in our lives. We at Bio Minerals Technologies appreciate the opportunities we have to work with so many of you to improve our food sources and begin the journey of creating nutrient dense food.

Over the past 100 years and more, the nutritional content of our daily food has been in a steady decline. Farmers have been producing more and more food, and we are surrounded by unprecedented plenty, yet we are constantly malnourished! Why?

As populations have increased, farmers and scientists have continually searched for new, faster, and less expensive ways to improve crop yields. For the past 150 years, there has been extensive research into fertilizers and their effect on crop yields. Unfortunately for us, their only metric for success is increased yield (from the farmer) and increased profit (from the fertilizer companies). Over the decades, they have all lost sight of the most important element, the nutritional value of the crops produced.