Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Treating seeds and starts in your yard and garden

Spring is a time of many transplants, whether as seeds, starts, or bare root. In order to give those transplants a good chance, we recommend applying our starter treatment. We have been using these products to treat farm seed for several years, with amazing results; quick sprouting, better germination, stronger and healthier plants, and better yields. Our farmers like the results so well, they are using the products on their gardens. We are too, and so should you.

The process is simple, but the results are definitely worth it.

Step 1: Mix equal parts Bio Release and water in a small mister or fine sprayer.

Step 2: Put some Soil Biology Boost powder in an empty baby powder container.

Step 3: Spray a fine mist over the seeds or roots to be planted (just enough to slightly moisten the plants or roots, but not make them wet).

Step 4: Apply a very light dusting of Soil Biology Boost powder to the moistened seeds or roots (it is best to apply in an area without wind as the powder will drift away easily when applying). When properly applied, the powder will be almost invisible.

Step 5 (seeds only): If treating seeds, mix or toss to evenly coat seeds with powder (I use an empty nut container and shake it)

Step 6: Plant

Here is a video showing how we treat some strawberry starts before we plant them:

Friday, May 6, 2016

Use Compost to Rejuvenate Your Soil

A good compost is one of the most beneficial soil amendments available. Properly composted materials have the following benefits:

  • adds nutrients to your soils
  • inoculates the soil with good bacteria
  • protects the soil from pathogens
  • promotes a healthy environment for plant growth
  • increases organic matter in the soil
  • helps balance soil pH
  • improves soil texture and composition

Bio Minerals Technologies is producing a series of videos about how composting works and why it is important to do it right. Head over to our web site and take a look!

We have simple biological solutions to improve the composting process for large livestock operations. Turn your waste stream into better nutrients for your fields, or into a revenue stream for your bottom line.