Monday, November 20, 2017

Seed Treatment comparisons for 2017

During 2017, we had a number of farms that planted comparisons of treated vs untreated seed. The results have been not only impressive, but universally positive in favor of the treated seeds. The Bio Minerals Technologies seed treatment products create stronger, more vigorous plants with larger and more extensive root systems. The results is a healthier plant with a greater yield.

Our comparison plantings included the following:

  • Dry farm barley
    Treated barley lived longer than untreated, resulting in better head and seed fill
  • Dry farm wheat
    25% yield increase over untreated field, even in a drought year
  • Irrigated silage corn
    70% increase in stalk and ear weight as compared to untreated stalk
The cereal grain comparisons are detailed in this linked article on the Bio Minerals Technologies web site.

You can read the silage corn article here.

The first step to a successful crop is to always use the Bio Minerals Technologies seed treatment products!