Through research and testing we are continuously improving our technologies in how we manage our biological programs to produce better and better results. The more we learn, the more we understand that there is so much more that we don’t know. However, that is never a reason to stop researching and developing better programs. The more we accomplish on the limited knowledge that we have, the more we know that things can only get better and better as we continue to progress in understanding nature and developing our programs so they comply with those natural laws that govern all life. Understanding these natural laws and working within them is the key to achieving outstanding results when it comes to soil biology management, plant development and growth, animal and human health, and environmental accountability.

We are a ‘hands on’ management consulting firm. Our objective is to teach you what we’ve learned and how to do it. Our research and testing has come at our own expense. We spend our own time and money researching, testing, implementing and developing our programs. Our results are ‘field based’ not ‘laboratory based’--there is a huge difference. What we know is first hand experience gained from our own successes as well as failures by doing it ourselves. Much of what we do is very ‘unconventional’ in relation to the modern agricultural practices used today, and with good reason. We are also ‘pushing the envelope’ on many of the conventional organic methods and several new programs are completely unknown and or unheard of even by conventional organic thinkers. However, these programs work and our challenge is to find practical ways to implement them as we develop them, so it is always an ongoing process.

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