BIOLOGY is that living microbial life force that creates the proper nutrients that sustains all life in its healthiest and most vibrant forms.

ENZYMES are the products of that biological life. Enzymes are energized protein molecules that drive, govern and enable all life to function in any and all capacities.

MINERALS are the key to Enzyme function. They also act as structural building blocks, catalysts, and electrical conductors as well as assisting the maintenance of proper systemic pH balance.

ENERGY is in all matter. It cannot be created or destroyed, but is instead converted from one form to another. Biological Ionization is the study of the laws of creation, how energy becomes matter, and how matter becomes energy on a continuous basis to sustain all life rather than destroy it.

WATER is that life giving, life sustaining substance needed by all living organisms from the simplest single cell microorganisms to the most complex of all creation, mankind. Water is the energetic substance that enables Biology, Enzymes and Minerals to function properly and to their fullest potential.

BIOLOGY ENZYMES MINERALS ENERGY AND WATER  in combination are the most dynamic life forces on earth to form, create, nourish and sustain all living matter so that it might reach its fullest potential under the divine “blueprint” designed by its creator.

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